Throw back – My first dress!

Butterick Pattern B6453; bodice fabric – Sew Over It; skirt fabric – inherited from family; necklace – vintage; hat – Target

I am so proud of this dress. It is not perfect. Far from it! But it is the first wearable dress I ever made, and I still strut around in it proudly. As a beginner with no face to face instruction whatsoever, this was an incredible feat for me.


Having only just started to really sew in the last year and being the perfectionist that I am, I haven’t been able to make many things that I feel comfortable wearing out and about. But after full year of endless errors, rookie mistakes, pricked fingers, and blind optimism… I feel like I’ve finally hit my stride. And it all started with the completion of this dress – Butterick Pattern B6453!

ACS_0076I ordered the bodice fabric from Sew Over It about a month into my sewing. It was love at first sight with the print (I love a good fruit design), and I had visions of using it to make an adorable Rosie Dress. This is where we get into “rookie mistakes”. Prior to ordering this fabric, I had only made the Margot Pajamas and Delphine Skirt from Love At First Stitch. Based off of my knowledge (which on a scale of 1-10 was a big 1.5), I ordered 2 metres of fabric.

Yup – 2 whole metres with plans to make an entire midi length dress. WHAT A NEWB, AM I RIGHT?

ACS_0077It wasn’t until I started this dress that I realized my own stupidity. However, hope was not lost! I quickly picked myself up with an exciting new idea. What if I experimented with some fabric matching? I had recently acquired an incredible stash of fabric and patterns from my aunt, including the perfect amount of this navy gingham rayon fabric. VIOLA! Problem solved, new skill acquired.

From a beginner’s perspective, this was a joy to sew and it made me realize something about myself. I. LOVE. SEWING. PRINCESS. SEAMS. Me and princess seams are like peas and carrots. Chocolate and strawberries. Oprah and bread. A match made in heaven. Before this I had only sewn darts in the bust. I was happy for a new challenge, and I just love how they look.

I added a lining to the bodice (poorly), which has caused a couple of issues with how it lays on the body. The sewing quality is lacking because I rushed the job out of excitement to finish and wear the garment. Aaaaand the hem is a little wonky. But that’s okay! I’m just proud of the fact that after 8 months it hasn’t fallen apart!

I’m happy to share my first dress here, and I can’t wait to look back on this in a year and see the progression I will have made.

Until next time,


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