Coffee and Murals

ACS_0029I never thought I would move to Miami. The ocean frightens me, I loathe hot weather, and winter clothing is way cuter than summer clothing. When I told friends and family that Jhonny and I were moving here, I was usually met by silence and then a burst of laughter. “But you HATE the heat!” Yeah – I know. But Jhonny’s parents raised him here after immigrating from Colombia, and his mom will most likely move back in the near future. Since we have been traveling together for years, we felt it was important to spend her last few years in the States with her.

So… here I am! Surprisingly enough, I love it here. While I miss the snow, I was secretly enjoying being able to go for walks and drink beer at outside bars during the month of January while my cold weather friends up North were facing temperatures of below 0* Fahrenheit.

One of my favorite places to go in Miami is the Wynwood Arts District. This area was once a ghost town filled with abandoned buildings and warehouses. In the past 15 years or so, it has experienced its own renaissance of sorts thanks to the many artists that came in and created modern works of art on all of the walls. After that came the small businesses, and today it is a favorite amongst locals and tourists alike.

There are so many incredible restaurants, cute shops and galleries, and home to small, local breweries. Finding parking typically averages between a nightmare and impossible to find, but hey – the area is worth it. Every which way you turn there are murals.

Of course night time is the most popular time to go enjoy a delicious meal and some drinks with friends, but be ready for a wait. Weekends are especially crowded with locals and tourists all fighting for a table at Kush or waiting in line at the new Taiyaki NYC (!!!!!!!).

Nitro coffee and almond croissant from Black Panther Coffee

Next time you are in Miami, you must stop by the area. Grab a Nitro coffee and almond croissant at Black Panther Coffee (seriously delicious – even Jhonny liked it, and he hates coffee), and peruse the artwork all around you. Make a day of it by visiting the local art galleries and shopping around until your dinner at Kush. Then finish the day off right with the matcha and black sesame ice cream at Taiyaki NYC.

The dress I chose to wear on this outing is my Lilou dress from the Tilly and the Buttons “Love at First Stitch” book in a black and white cat print from My next post will have more information on that.


My recommendations when in Wynwood:

  • Visit the second Saturday of every month for Art Walk: a monthly event featuring openings and specials at various galleries and restaurants. Once again, parking will be tough, but it’s a good time.
  • Try the Nitro coffee at Blank Panther – it is frothy, and slightly sweet and perfect for a day walking around in the Miami heat.
  • Do not skip on dessert! I am serious when I say everyone deserves to try the matcha and black sesame ice cream from Taiyaki NYC at least once in their lifetime.

I’m so excited to explore other areas of Miami, but I have a feeling Wynwood will always be one of my favorite areas

Until next time,



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