Let’s do this thing…

Hello, and welcome to my own little corner of the internet!

I moved to South Korea 2 months after I graduated college. Let me rephrase that: At the ripe old age of 22 I set out as an independent adult by moving to the opposite side of the world. I packed my backs and headed off to a country that spoke a language I’d never even heard spoken. With no friends, family, or acquaintances to lean on, it was all at once one of the most terrifying and incredible experiences I’ve ever had.

While I was living there, I was lucky to have met the sweetest and kindest human I’ve ever had the pleasure to know. Turns out, he apparently felt pretty highly of me and married me just a few years later! After our first few months together in Korea, we have continued to travel together and move around way too many times. We have potentially settled in the United States (jury’s still out on that one), but continue to travel whenever we have the time, or – if I’m being honest – the money.

Korea flag
Husband and I in Korea (2013)

We officially moved back to the states in 2015. Within months I started to feel restless. I needed something outside of my job that would challenge me creatively and would keep my mind engaged. On a whim I signed up for a 6 hour “Introduction to Sewing” class at a local studio. Six hours, 1 bag, and 1 pair of shorts later I was HOOKED. Ever since I have been trying to teach myself how to sew my own wardrobe, and although many days it feels like an uphill battle, with every new technique and skill I’ve acquired it’s felt worth it.

Walking around Wynwood in my dress from Tilly and the Buttons Love At First Stitch

Last year my husband and I recently moved from DC to Miami, and unlike the former city, you need a car to get anywhere in South Florida. My husband commutes, and I work from home. With only one car between us, it makes it difficult for me to get out and meet new people in a new city. Not only that, but making friends as an adult can be difficult!

This blog is the beginning to my newest and scariest adventure yet. I hope to create some sort of community that is all about empowering others to be as creative and adventurous as they choose. I would like to marry my two greatest passions: travel and creative projects. I’m sure my goals will evolve along the way, but right now I’m hoping to weave a story through different projects for every travel experience.

With every new destination I plan to create a *mostly* me made wardrobe to display on each adventure. This could not only vary up my projects, but it will be a fun challenge to tackle before every trip. Furthermore I hope to seek out fun and unique experiences in each locale. Whether that means I sign up for a ramen cooking class, pour the perfect pint of Guinness, or make my own pottery – I’d like to seek out any opportunity that allows me to craft something with my own hands.

Let’s do this together! Tell me about your favorite city. Why is it your favorite? What did you do while you were there? I can’t wait to start swapping stories!


Until next time,



12 thoughts on “Let’s do this thing…

  1. What a great idea!!! I actually have wanted to get back into sewing and started a little pillow and have found other things to make already. Wish you luck in this new adventure. Can’t wait to hear and see more.

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  2. Allie, so good to hear from you! Wishing you well, wherever and whatever you do! San Francisco is one of my favorite cities…..Beacuse I was born on the West coast and spent so much time in The City, hopefully you will get to visit there someday!❤️❤️


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